Do You Realise Why Fascias & Soffits Are Necessary When It Comes To Your Roof Structure?

Do You Realise Why Fascias & Soffits Are Necessary When It Comes To Your Roof Structure?

When you are requiring roof maintenance and repairs on your home or office and getting a number of price estimates, you might just notice in the quote a price for fascia and soffits replacement. You may be wondering what are fascias and soffits and why you need to have them. Do you actually need these, are they really that essential for your house?

The fascias are the exposed horizontal end which you find on the rafters on the exterior of your roof while the soffit you can find just under the rafters and eaves, they are both incredibly necessary and provide you with a lot more than simply a really good aesthetic appeal.

over fascia boards rottingFascias & soffits secure the roofline of your property. They lower the possibility of creatures, such as squirrels and birds getting access to your roof space, what could possibly lead to an expensive charge in order remove the nests from your roofline after they create their nests and construct their home in your roof space.

Moreover, the fascias and soffits stop the possibility of rain getting blown into the roofing of your house. Depending on how the wind blows in your location, you may see that the rainfall actually gets blown up at a slant and in the event that all these items weren’t in position, then the damp could quite easily make its way into your roof space and in time it can lead to damp in certain rooms of your home, one thing you really want to keep clear of in any way.

Nowadays fascias and soffits can be found in a variety of materials such as wood and uPVC, the type that you choose will be down to individual choice as well as the design of your home. Nowadays many property owners will take a look at what is the most eco-friendly solution.

When it comes to fascias and soffits you should do regular upkeep. The good news is that the current uPVC fascias and soffits are very quick and easy to take care of, just simply wipe them with soapy water a couple of times a year to always keep them looking good. If you have opted for wood fascia and soffits, then its a bit more work to look after them, you will have to repaint them at least once a year to not only keep them looking pretty good but to stop them from rotting for several years in the future.

new fascia and soffits fitted

It’s essential when it comes to buying fascias and soffits for your property that you make certain you invest in the best quality products. FreeFoam uPVC fascia and soffits are a much-improved alternative to the old style timber fascia and soffit panels. All of the FreeFoam range of roofline products are created to never rot or lose their colour and to last decades, in most cases, they will last the lifetime of the property. FreeFoam certified installers, such as Yorkshire Roofline Installations in Wakefield can offer their customers with up to a 50-year manufacturers guarantee.