Which Type of Roofing is Right For You

When you have to replace your roof, there are many factors you need to consider. The most important factor is often which roofing material will be the best choice for where you live and what look you are going for. To learn about each product available, continue reading this article.

Asphalt shingles are cheap, look good and can be quite durable. They can even be made of recycled materials, making them very green. A second layer of shingles can be installed over an older, worn out layer, leading to a cheap repair option.

Wood shakes are a gorgeous way to cover your roof. They look natural and add character to your home. Thanks to the different colors, sizes and cuts available, your roof will never look like any other on the block. Wood is also a great insulator while permitting air to flow out of the attic. This creates circulation and helps to cool your home. That said, you will have to take the time to maintain your roof and keep it in good shape, otherwise it won’t have a long lifespan. From mold to termites, you have to stay on top of any issues which arise.

Clay tiles look great on a home with a southwestern or Spanish style to them, but they also add style to a contemporary design. The lifespan of tile is exceptionally long, outlasting the materials which make up the roof’s infrastructure. It can’t rot, doesn’t burn in a fire, and no pest can cause it to fall apart. You don’t have to do much to keep it in good shape, plus it comes in a huge rainbow of colors and a myriad of styles. The only thing which stands against installing a tile roof is the weight of the materials. That means you may have to pay to reinforce your roof to ensure that your home can handle the mass. If you buy cheaper tiles, you’ll find they fade as the color is only applied to the exterior of the tile, so invest in expensive, durable options instead.

Slate shingles are slices of rock which happens to be a very expensive option. That said, it is gorgeous, can create many different patterns, and it has all of the rewards you get from installing a tile roof. It’s very safe in a fire, takes little to no maintenance and is safe from rotting.

Metal roofs come in many styles today, even resembling tile or shingles. They are highly durable, won’t burn and take very little maintenance. They’re extremely energy efficient as they reflect heat and stop it from heating up the attic. Installing a metal roof can save a homeowner as much as 20% on utility bills.

Now that you understand the pros and cons of the various materials available to you, you are better able to make a decision on which is best for you. You can now be confident that whichever you choose, it will be the right choice. As long as you use what you have learned here, you’ll end up with a great result.