Eleven Easy Projects To Bring Your Outdated Kitchen Up To Date

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. Bringing this area of your home up-to-date to create a warm and inviting area for your entire family. The following eleven kitchen projects will help you get your kitchen looking its best. And best of all, each of these projects can be completed within a weekend.

One of the easiest ways to add instant pizzazz to a kitchen is by tiling the backsplash. This inexpensive project can be completed by almost any homeowner. Many home improvement stores offer classes to teach homeowners how to tile a backsplash.

There are many flooring options for your kitchen. Whether you choose to install a hardwood floor or a tile floor, you can change the entire look of your kitchen in a weekend.

One of the most important things in a kitchen is the kitchen sink and faucet. You do not need a plumber to change these plumbing fixtures out. These can easily be changed out by the average homeowner.

If you do not want to paint your entire kitchen, consider painting an accent wall. An accident wall adds an area of interest. Once you have painted your accent wall, use it to showcase your prized possessions.

New window treatments can totally change the look of your kitchen. Choose a valance curtain combination that coordinates with your overall kitchen design.

Over time, your wall decor seems to fade into the background because you have gotten used to it. To help create new interest, rearrange your wall decor. This simple task can totally change the look of your kitchen.

With today’s improvements in paint, you can now paint your kitchen countertops. This is an easy project; however, you must follow the directions to get the results you want. The first thing you must do before beginning any painting project is to thoroughly clean the surface. Use a degreaser to remove all traces of grease from your counters. Then, rinse well and allow to air dry for best results.

You can change the appearance of your kitchen cabinets by simply changing out your cabinet’s hardware. This hardware includes your cabinet’s hinges, door knobs and pulls. Visit your local home improvement store to get inspiration.

You can create new ambiance in your kitchen by installing new lighting fixtures. Whether you want to add task lighting above your workstations or want to add an overhead lighting fixture, you can do this within a day or two. Think about how you use lighting and where you need additional lighting and begin adding it to your existing kitchen.

If your cabinets are outdated, you should consider painting your cabinets. If you decide to paint your cabinets, you will need to clean your cabinets using a degreaser. Then you will need to apply two coats of primer to your cabinets. Primer helps paint adhere better to the surface of your cabinet. Once your primer has thoroughly dried, apply at least two coats of oil-base paint for best results.

Finally, an herb garden in your window can add a touch of green to your kitchen. This edible project is easy and will give you fresh herbs to use when you are cooking.

There are many weekend projects that can transform your kitchen. Use the tips located above to guide you on your journey to a beautiful kitchen.